Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some winners Some loosers

GOOG 560-590 Pure 3.10-2.65 ABK 3.00-1.86 this traded over 750 million the day of my jump in broadcast. It opened up on a gap from previous days close about 2.00 ran to 3.39 and slowly sold off all afternoon. I hope yya got out. this one is still getting the momentium traders and its passable to get back to 3 quick. My GS bought at 170 now 185 and they will likely add more before earnings next week along with alot of the other financials. JPM already beat by 3 billion on revenue this week. Goldman is top's. If Morgan does that well GS hits 200. I had ACAS 4.80-5.30 they kept going to 5.79 before taking a breather. Im still in pure for now. That Abk hurts cant remember someone coming out and shooting a live day traders delite as we were piling in. He was from JP Morgan and was adamit a bit of sucess this qtr was not going to right the ship. Wonder how many love ya e-mails he's gotton

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