Monday, April 19, 2010

Big sell off in Asia, Europe not to bad

We will bounce back today. I dont believe another 120 points and a comfirmation of a short term correction. Just this weekend on meet the press Geithner said the economy is stronger then had been thought and posative job creation is begining. Look at C bank today break even and instead they report .14 per share. If ya listened and sold before the GOOG report ya got a gift to back in at 550. GS down 23 points friday when the news broke. Another great buy and they report soon. Buy and see they will beat like all the financials so far. The banks are getting money with no juice 0% and we know theres not alot of lending going on. They are all buying currency swaps or 10 yr Tres. notes and geting 4 3/4% hand over fist its never been so easy for banks. Im in PURE and backwards 3.10-2.62

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