Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shaw group a slight miss the market

may punish em. Smart money will buy any pull backs knowing theres alot of ifastructure money and projects to get signed. Next 2 qtrs are booked solid.. U could own any one of these and buy and hold JEC jacob enginering. FLR flour Kramer pumps, Chicago bridge and iron etc. All 4 winners. PURE now this morning 3.01 pre market. Toped off 3.69 yesterday on 14 million usually 200k is the volume. No real mention on tv networks due to this Co. being a micro small cap. Only 100 million market cap. There are some rules followed and micro cap stocks don't get mentioned due to the spikes and volatilty it would cause. Im in Mays calls so I got a bit of time. If the insiders dump like yesterday the buy to sells were equal im out. If they just let it run it would of hit 4.50? Prior month the buys were 10-1 waiting for news. People new it was coming u just dont have 10buys to 1 sell ratios without insider leaks.

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