Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great week for the march to 11,000 on the dow

Wasn't long ago the sky was falling and the DOW was 6450. I was sreaming buy buy never a chace like this again.Nobody likes a monday morning quarter back. But again look at my picks around a yr ago most 2,3.4 Hundred % and more. I own that. As well as PURE now srictly for a trade. My GS bought at 170 and out at 176 in 2 days is still nice stuff. Now 180 ish and u caan buy the momentium untill they report about the 20th. GOOG too they will move 15-20 points before earnings in the 16th of April. I wouls sell Google before report. Goldman Sacks u can hold to 200 or More. So much going on I hope u have the time to do some trading. All it takes is a very small amount of money to get started. g/L all

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