Friday, September 2, 2011

^DJI Basic Chart | Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock - Yahoo! Finance

^DJI Basic Chart | Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock - Yahoo! Finance:

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Demanding!! It !! Hey I've said it all along archive my stuff alot of money was made hear. I guess because thats all anyone can do is that Germany slows or stops propin up Europe like we did with the bank bailout. And that Greece will be the first to go or anyone of a 1/2 doz. countrys to go back to there own currence. Only way to avoid complete CIVIL unrest. Might be something 2 our very low dollar(great 4 manuf) Export,deficit benifits etc. also pricing the Euro right out of EXISTANCE. 1 attentative students opinion and or observations. g/l traders QE 3 maybe spring, with a real jobs package kicking in all so Obama can it done in Nov. It all political. I love the guy and my hope is the 2nd term. he gets it done like I know and believe he can. Enough rant Custom Search