Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still holding strong DOW 10,300

Im in PAAS prior to earnings so im ok. Stuck for the moment in FLR. Im off over 50% on this infrastructure play. Looks like Obama hit off Chicago bridge and Jacobs to name a few of em. FLR's booked for yrs but the money in the states hear from the stimulus came in a few billion lite for them. A great buy and hold at 44.00 or so. Paas is another one to buy and foget about. Gold and silver mining around the world Gold has passed 1100. an oz and silvers 17.50 oz. There is no way India and China's build out, Brazil too is going to stop raising the standard of living for the next 30 or more yrs from now. Futures down a bit and it's time for some rest. G N

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