Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hard to keep up with all this?

Networks and networking, facebook, blogspot, twitter etc. Im in CTV on the longside after earnings disappointment. Traded CF, drys this week. I've had a good few weeks and reversed course when it became apparent they want to take this market up. Today 9200 looks likely. China sold off over 5% Monday =(450 point dow move) and hardly caused a blip world wide. Earnings have been surprisingly well so the fact the sky didn't fall we have had the best buying oportunity's in over 80 yrs. Dow 6450-9200 in a few months and within thear are thousands of 3 and 4 multiples off the bottom. Ahh ya already know this stuff. Have a great day and I will post more current action im in realtime.

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