Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dow below 8100 from a top of 8950

recently. Thats 10% already and this will get ugly this summer. We propably get back to this yrs high by December and likely more. At yrs end the recession will be more then 1/2 way thru and the money will pile back in. Im sugesting almost 4 yr recesion. 7500 Dow will be 20% correction and formaly a bear market and the rally from 6700-8950 will have been a bear market rally only. This market can only be proped up for so long by the Gov. I sure hope ya's listened and sold that UGA and the rest. Be patient theres plenty shortside trades. BIDU FSLR ICE CME Rimm to name a few. Alcoa kicks off the earnings season tonight. I cant wait to see the #'s

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