Thursday, February 5, 2009

2AM Asia and China have rolled over

Like the states big gains washed out. The good news China has anounced a huge stimulus and truly the world is looking to them to help the lift everyone. There build out like India is equivalent to our 1950's  really getting going the highways, infrastructure, tele communications, just everything. So FXI is the China index and a certain long term investment. I got in DRYS for a trade and this is going well. Entry 6.09 The baltic sea rates that bottomed at 9000 in December had a high of 230,000 last summeer is now up 18 days in a row to 13800. All the shippers are moving up in 10-20% jumps its crazy. UGA is creeping up in spite of union settlement. I guess we cant expect gas to stay at 1.15 wholesale. The USA has to get this stimulus done this week or the market will retest 7000k If it does it will be orderly and fast off the bottom just to show tecnical 3 x time test for conviction. We have 8 trillion dollars on the sidelines in money markets and other areas since 2000. People just gave up on the market and never returned. The 25% or so who did return got a good run a few yrs and then had the worst correction since 1933. My point ITS time to buy and hold and wait. We are 1/3 the way thru the tunnel and when this market turns it will be fast. Im trading but u can buy Anericas best companys on the cheap, never before discounted like this in our life. G/L all