Sunday, January 4, 2009

Santa didnt fail us! He tipped toed in Christmas week

and hoed right thru to the New Year. 10% dow move. We finally on the 4th time crossed 9000k on the dow. The picks hear in 5 trading days or so 20-40% gains. Read em I wont bore ya with bragin. Now as goes the first 5 days goes the year is the rule. Like santa 38 of the last 40 years a rally. If you follow the rules they eventually work out. Baring catastrifys. And we have had a bunch in 2008. It looks like the Obama infrastructure spending plan (800 billion) is going to be defined publicaly monday. Long awaited but most of the plays have had tremendious moves already including the green technalage trades. The rules are buy the rumor, sell the news. Im hopefull the details of the plan and the Gaza war in palestine will continue not to be a drag on the world markets. A confirmation of Obamas plan I feel will lift the markets further. Im throwing the rule out due to the oversold markets. The market corrected 50% from top and we are now 25% off the bottom that was 7300 on the dow. Hold the long positions previously posted. Lets see how the first full week of 2009 starts.  I like china security csr 4.70 in addition to the others. This is only a trade 4.93 is a 5% gain thats my immediate goal. I will post tomorrow after I return from duty. About 3pm. My GTC is in to lock my gain if Im so fortunite to hit it while out. Happy new year all