Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The federal reserve left intrest rates at 0% to 1/4 (.25)

Thats for the fed to banking system. Maybe .50 on an intrest rate savings account. Maybe 1.75 on a short term CD. Doc do you get what im saying. Its dead money in the bank even CD's. But GE general electric at 13 dollars a 15 yr low and just sit on it. It pays a 9% anual dividend. Buy DIA the diamonds a complete etf of the dow jones. Its safe and over history the market pays 7% annually if ya just get in and sit. All u guys this is a 78 yr opportunity to get in. The world economy will recover no doudt. In time this oversold market will not look back and you will be saying I could have? Wholesale gas is up to 1.17 a gallon. Buy AGU just for the inflation factor alone this will double in a couple of yrs. We will be in a inflation driven economy the same time the recession disapates. Its going to be like the 1970's when Carter was in. That fact (per John Burke) will be Obamas only challenge to re-election. From me not anyone else this information. Not Kramer, rueters, Ap wire or any message board. It will be news headlines down the road for quite a while its inevatable with the dollar diluted to peanuts.  due to demand I will start doing spell chick.