Thursday, January 8, 2009

Asia down, Europe down badly

Wears Santa? dow 8700 not so good. The November 20th lows hold baring war escalation or some other geo/political catastrafe. Waiting for BOE (bank of england) to cut to 1 1/2% intrest rate. This should help the USA. We are ahead of the world in getting our financial affairs in order. We are still the capital of the world.A few trades short kbh kb homes at 14.25 going into earnings this week for a trade. UGA very unknown its the GAS index that started early 2008.   16.00 dollars to 65.00 has been the range currently 20ish. If ya think gas goes up buy early summer, as is the rule then load up if ya think its going past 1.45 a gallon. I do and it trades futures and options and its really not known or promoted. If I had your wealth think about it gas at 3.00 in 2yrs from now. Thats a 100% gain. James, Steve what do you think? Buy it when oil dips below 40 again maybe even 35 then buy it and put it away and watch it at the pump when ya buy gas. YA cant go wrong hear its better then real estate or anything tangable around to invest in for the long hall. I think I made my point. still long mos 38.50