Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Up a bit after energy dept

These #'s are released weekly at 10:35 every wensday. A good play for trader speculation. Ya got to know the companys totals are know before the release over the years only if the projected #'s are way off does the market related stocks move dramaticaly. Im trying to find someone in management at the NJ pse&g company to tell me the total weekly mega watt use. Has to be a simple counter thats submitted for total billing. Nice to dream, NJ is a major part of N. E. corrider energy use. Most used energy nation wide due to density in this metro are. If I hit 15.65 chk im out and covered the drys 5% loss. flr and mos have moved up about 3% so far. I expect dow jones up 75 at close pinned to 8500 its now up 38.