Monday, December 15, 2008

Oil reversal poped over $3.00 hit 50. then sold

off to close 1.80 down about 44.00  Oil ran from 40-50 dollars in just 7 trading days so profit was taken at the 25% gain/resistance 50.00 mark. This is surprising due to OPEC'S meeting wensday. Usually the rule is buy the rumor and sell the news. Im expecting Bernanke's last chance to right the ship before the new administration in January to be unexpected but rumored to do somethimg dramatic. 1/2 point cut to 1/2% is something ya really got to wonder at this lowly level are they not being forth right about the facts of the global economic conditions. I would be very carefull doing anything other then trading. Untill Obama gets in and more statistics are released. What a bunch of crooks Bush, Cheney, Paulison and crew. When they deregulated do you know how much Paulison made? They desinged this mess and worse yet they are the chosen ones to fix it. What a sharade. We are the worlds leading economic idiots with this crew at the helm. I think refunds of profit and penaltys and jail for em all. Kramers the best. Asia looks flat awaiting the USA actions this week. We will save ourselves from Bush and this 8yrs will go down as the worst in  78 yrs financialy. Our tarnished image may never be recouped completly. Come on january 20th. I sold flr with a profit and jumped in mos at 31.50 for only a trade. g/L all